What is Block Hunter?

Block Hunter is a worldwide, competitive hide and seek game that allows players and servers the opportunity to host exciting events where everyone on the server can participate. Using the Block Disguise plugin for Bukkit you can easily host a fun family friendly game of hide and seek.

How to Play

Since block hunter is a server side plugin users don't need to download or install any special mods or software.

- The Hunter(s)
The seekers or Hunters as we like to call them are the players searching for hidden players. While being a Hunter you must locate and identify each hidden player who will be disguised as a common Minecraft block.

NOTE: Players cannot become the following items:
  • Air (BLOCK ID: 0)
  • Hand held items like Wooden Axes, Diamond Swords, Armor and the like.
  • Animals and Mobs
- The Hunted
The Hunted are the players disguised as a common Minecraft Block. You can choose almost any block in the game except the ones listed below.
  • Water
  • Lava
  • Carpet
  • Grass
  • TNT
  • Command Blocks
  • Any item that uses redstone
NOTE: These are the general rules for the players who are hiding. Your server administrator may choose to enforce additional block restrictions as they deam fit. 

- Once you have been found

Once if a hidden player has been declared as found that player must reveal themselves and they become a Hunter. To reveal yourself type /bd to take off the disqiuse.

Users are not permitted to speak while hidden, unless assisting a new player.
Users are not permitted to move around while hidden, unless the hunt timer is below or at 10 minutes.
NOTE: this option can be overridden only if your server administrator allows it.

- World Watching

Users are not permitted to use any maps, map mods such as Rei's Minimap, or use the Servers Web map interfaces this includes dynmap and other popular web based world viewers.

NOTE: Your Server administrator has the right to disable the website viewer if they deam it fit to ensure players don't cheat.

- Stay inside the game zone

Users are not permitted to leave the game zone unless they declare themselves as AFK (away from keyboard) or wish to drop out of the game.

If you want to drop out of the game you must reveal yourself and leave the game area without giving away the locations of other players.

NOTE: Your Server administrator has the right to set the game zone boundaries if they so choose to. 

Administrators of the server may use World guard to mark out the boundaries for the game.

- Idling 
        Any player who is hidden and is declared found MUST reveal themselves players who leave their computer for extended periods of time are considered idling and will be warned by an administrator or game moderator for the 1st offense. subsequent offenses will result in removal from the game.

- Camping
        Don't hide near or next to another hidden player as this is considered camping and will result in a removal from the game. the maxium limit to how close a player can be to another is 16 blocks in any direction therefore a 16 block radius.

- Hovering

        Don't hide in plain view this includes hiding in the sky or above the game zone.