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Please Read the Following Policies and Proceedures Agreement Form Before Proceeding.

CCMC is proud to offer select memebers a chance to partner with CCMC to host their content. In order to qualify for a CCMC Partnership, you must complete all the following tasks.

  1. Undertsand that CCMC resources are to be treated as Privately owned proerty, Any tampering, disabling and/or manipulation of CCMC's resources will result in an automatic Termination of your CCMC Partnership.
  2. Any chnages made to our content must be approved and agreed upon by all participating parties. 
  3. Prior to publicly hosting our content off-site, it is your responibility to ensure your hardware, network and facility is in compliance with local and jruitsictional regulations and best practices in the following areas.
    1. Availibilty - Clients should be able to access content at any time of the day on a 24/7 365 schedule. (Except during scheduled matience or server resoration peroids)
    2. Scalability - Resources must be able to adapt to the users demands.
    3. Reliability - Resources, to include both software and hardware, should be up to date and maintained to ensure optimum QoS for CCMC's cleints.
    4. Security - Resources, to include both sotfware and hardware componets, msut remain secure. This means, only authrourized personell may manage, access and maintain off-site remote server resources.
  4. Once the above conditons have been met, you may begin performing stress testing. (See section on stress testing for further information)
  5. After stress testing has been completed and a Baseline established. It is your respobilbity to ensure that this baseline is not exceeded AT ANY TIME.
  6. Once steps 1 through 6 have been completed, you may need to perform a security evalutation report as well as perform a on-site security vounrability test both on the physical network and the server infastructure itself.
  7. After you have completed the reqiurements mentioned in step 6. you will need to create a report of your findings and any changes that we may need to make to increase overall server security.

    NOTE: CCMC is not responible for ensuring that your network is securely maintained and protected. However, CCMC holds responsibility for any unauthrozed security voilation and/or discloures that involve our customers privacy and protection of data. this includes Passwords and logon information as well as account privledges and documentation.

    Your Responibilites as a Partner

    1. As a Partner, you can be held responsible for any information and/or digital data (which is property of CCMC) form being disclosed to outside parties that are not owned by CCMC and/or directly affliated with CCMC.
    2. As a Partner, you are reqiured to update and maintain a record of all security aduit logs, as well as any and all activities that are conducted on the server. Every 2 months you will be asked to create a formal report detailing any changes and/or suspicous activity on the server. This documentation MUST be emailed to pakennyusa@ccmcservers.net. Failure to submit this documentation may result in termination of this partnership.
    3. As a Partner, You are reqiured to have appropertate privledges set for each of your managament teams. Please use best practices and the policy of least privledged.
    4. As a Partner, you must assign (at least 3) team memebers from your management team to maintain the server and report to you as well as, CCMC's Senoir DRT staff in the event that server disater occurs or a issue reqiures an imedate response or action on our part.
    5. As a Partner, you must maintain an open commuication channel with CCMC Senoir staff. Failure to be reached via any form of commuincation, (ie. Skype, Facebook, Email and/or phone) may result in termination of the Partnership agreement.
    6. You can cancel and/or terminate your partnership with CCMC without penalties at any time.

Our Responibilites to you, our Partner
  1. CCMC will perform scheduled log evaluations for both the server and security of the server resources as we deam fit.
  2. CCM hold the right to terminate and/or suspend your and any of your affilated partners if we suspect any unauthroized disclouser of senstive data that may impact our clients. (this includes passwords, logons and permission documentation)
  3. CCMC must be able to contact you in the event we need to reach you. We reqiure at least 2 primary means of reaching you as well as 1 or more secondary contact methods.
  4. CCMC is reqiured to inform our partners of any changes to this and/or any other documentation that may affect the parties invloved in this agreement.
  5. CCMC reqiures at least 1 primary representive from CCMC to be assigned to act as a CCMC leasosn to the participating party involved with this partnership.
  6. CCMC is responsbile for any and all activities we perform on your system. This includes, but is not limted to, changes in code, software being added and/or removed, updates to hardare and/or software componets as well as any security related modifications within the network such as port assignemtns and Firewall configuration.
I ________________________________________________ Agree to the above terms and conditions.

If you accept these terms and conditons, please click on the below button to prin this form and sign it then email it to the following address: pakennyusa@ccmcservers.net