Welcome to Player Housing

What is Player Housing?

Player Hosuing offers players the choice to own specially built homes and villages where they can reside and live. There are many Housing options to choose from including but not limited to:
  • [NEW] Tree Houses
    (Forest/Jungle Regions Only)
  • [NEW] Modern Contemprary Homes ranging form Small to Large
  • Single Family Homes both furnished and unfurnished
  • [NEW] Victorian Homes with private garden and fountain.
  • Multiplayer Condos
  • Luxary Town Houses both Single and Multiplayer
  • [NEW] Sky Homes - Homes that will take your breath away!
  • [NEW] Single Player Hotel Suites
  • [NEW] Beach Houses 
  • [NEW] Spawn Hotel Rooms, both singles and doubles, as well as, Suites and Estate Rooms
    (Prices vary based on type of room and length of stay)

What if I want to build my own Home?

Players are encouraged to to build their own home if they so disire as long as these reqiurements are met during and after the construction:
  1. A player who purchases a empty plot of land may only build within that plots boundaries.
  2. Porchs and balconies must remain inside the plots limits at all times.
  3. Basements are permitted as long as they remain within the players plots limits and the bassement does not open up into a cave or other opening that leads outside of their plots boundaries.
  4. Plots vary in size and shape however these rules apply to all plots.
    1. Players may only build up to 3 stories.
    2. players may dig down to 50 blocks below the dirt line regardless of the plots  elevation.
    3. Players using redstone must comply to the Redworks power supply limitations in that:
      1. players may not use explosives to build there home.
      2. levers, comparators and reapeaters connected to lights and/or other eqiupment on the property carry a redstone charge and must be verified before use can commence. Also, that user must have a Redworks account in order to use any redstone equipment on their property. this excludes doors, gates and trap doors.
      3. user must pay all charges including monthly Redworks bills, Overages, fees and Fines.
  5. Players are responsible for their property once purchased. Do not contact an Admin if:
    • A player enters your house uninvited.
    • Property is stolen from a chest.
    • A Player Kills you or someone else on your property.
  6. Players are not permitted to Solicit, sell or buy items on privately owned and/or rented Non commercial land.
  7. Players may have fences and/or walls around their property as long as they do not exceed 2 blocks in height and do not go outside the proptery lines of that plot.

Now Avaialble to Rent

 Large Family Size HouseNEW

This Lovely Family size home sits on a gorgous 15 acer plot.
It comes with a beautful garden in the front, several large rooms, a full 2 car garage and fornt porch.

1 Master Bedroom plus 3 additional Bedrooms for the kids
2 Full Bathrooms
1 medium sized office and workspace
1 Decently sized Living room
1 Kitchen with plently of cabient space
1 Dinning Room

130 Credits per week for a 1 month Rental

Victorian Style country HouseNEW

This Rustic style Home sits on a 3 Acer Plot and is beautifully apointed with master stone work and wood facade. Comes with a lovely sprial staircase and backyard garden and a front porch.

1 Master Bedroom Plus 1 Additonal Guest Bedroom
1 half Bathroom
1 Small Gally Kitchen
1 fireplace  in the Living Room
1 Loft with window view

70 Credits per week for 3 Week Rental

 Cozy Cottage Beach House with PoolNEW

This Seaside get away is perfect for a vacation get away. Only a short ride from Main Spawn makes this cozy home a must see. Comes complete with a Pool under the house and a small patio as well. Plus a storage room underthe steps to store all your beach goodies and toys.

1 Master Bedroom Plus 2 additional Bedrooms forthe kids or a guest
1 cute Living Room with Marble Fireplace
1 deccently sized Kitchen with Bar
1 Dining Room
1 Bathroom
1 Office and workroom with small Library

45 Credits per week for 3 Weeks Rental

Housing Marketplace Listings


TreeTop Paradise
This lavishly designed Rustic treetop paradise comes complete with a water elevator, a wooden skybride overpass and a gorgious outdoor atmosphere. perfect for those players looking to get away from the busy city life!
Only 15.5 miles from the Main Spawn making it a easy commute to the office.

2 Bedrooms
1 Half Bathroom
Living Room
Small Kicthen 
Comes Fully Furnished
Buy it 350 Credits
2 Story Lakeside Estates NEW

This Victorian style home comes complete with everything you could ever want including A full Basement, a stone walkway, bridge and tower makes this 2 story house a site to behold.
Located only 17.5 miles from the Main spawn on world4, this home offers a unique countryside view of the nearby surroundings. Plus a lovely sunset from the back porch windows.

1 Master Bedroom
1 Half Bathroom
Basement pool and large walk-in closet
Medium sized Kitchen
 Living Room
Outdoor Docks and Grilling area to cook a nice steak
Working Security System and Doorbell
Lovely lakeside view
Comes fully furnished
Buy it for 17,750 Credits
 Ultra Modern Luxury Home 
 WOW! This Amazing Contemprary Luxary Home is really a site to to see comes complete with a backyard pool working lights that turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Bueatifully Apointed rooms, a full kictchen and bathroom,  plus a 1 car Garage.

4 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
2 Living Rooms with TV's
Full Kitchen
Dining room
Upstairs Porch
very open floorplan
plenty of windows to let in lots of light
Comes Fully Furnished
 Buy it for 21,750 Credits

Coming Soon